Robert Fripp's Gear


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Gibson Les Paul Custom serial # 7 8774 (1957)

Gibson Les Paul Custom serial # 9 0993 (1959)

Gibson J-45 Cherry Sunburst serial # 122301 (1963)

Fender Champ serial # A32016 (1971-72)

Lunar Module

Revox A77 + 2x Revox B77 tape decks

Other Gear (list and brief descriptons)

Gibson Les Paul Custom serial # 7 8774 (1957)

Used on EXPOSURE & US recordings & touring after mid-1978.
Fear Of Music (Talking Heads 1980), live with Blondie at CBGB's February 1978.
Added Grover tuners.
Extra volume pot on the pickguard controls the middle pickup.

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Gibson Les Paul Custom serial # 9 0993 (1959)

Bought 1972-73 at a shop in Denmark Street (London),
Reportedly owned by Steve Marriott.

Used as a spare on early KC tours and recordings.
Nut removed and replaced by Ben Crowe (original nut available).
Otherwise all original parts.
Case: not sure. With all the LP cases, they may have interchanged, moved around, put in others.

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Gibson J-45 Cherry Sunburst serial # 122301 (1963)

Soundhole pick up and output jack removed (but available).
Non-original hardshell case.

Bought 1972-73 at a shop in Denmark Street (London).

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Fender Champ serial # A32016 (1971-72)

Used for the solo of EVENING STAR (Fripp & Eno), the speaker was blown during this session (after all it was a very hot solo!) and later replaced by Tony Arnold of Arny's Shack Studio.
One tube was also replaced, by Bev Strike of Don Strike's Instruments.
It's in top condition.
It was also RF's backstage and practice amp during KC/FF/SOATW tours.

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Lunar Module

Soundscapes System used on all work betwen 1994 to 2005 (RF Soundscapes, RFSQ, KC, Sylvian & Fripp, Eno's Nerve Net, etc)

Large 16 space rack:
4 x TC2290
Tech 21 Sans Amp
Prosonis Firepod
Switchblade 16
BSS Compressor

4 Space Rack:
Furman Power Supply
Eventide H3000
Roland GP100

4 Space Rack:
Korg A1
Korg A2
Roland GP16

Silver Flight Case:
· Foot controlers

Blue Flight Case :
Small skb keys case
Large skb keys case

· 2x Bag End Speakers model TA-12
(in heavy duty caster cases)

· Roland VG99

Motu 828

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Revox A77 reel to reel 1/4" tape deck (in silver flight case)
Revox B77 reel to reel 1/4" tape deck (in silver flight case)
Revox B77 reel to reel 1/4" tape deck

From Frippertronics System, 1976-1986
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Other Gear:

- Mellotrons:
1x MKII double manual, the one used on "The Wake Of Poseidon".
M400 single manual.
One of the M400 was formerly owned by David Byron of Uriah Heep.
All M400 single manual were used on KC recordings (Lizard, LTIA, Starless & Bible Black & Red) and were on all the live work 1971-74.
All were restored by Streetly Electronics in the early 90's.
Streetly Electronics - All Things Mellotronic -

- EMS Synthi briefcase synth c. 1972.
This is the same model as used by Eno on Discreet Music & treatments on various albums, including Heroes.

- Yamaha acoustic used on KC Islands (Formentera Lady & into Sailors’ Tale), 1971.

- Milner acoustic guitar c. 1930s. bought from the Majestic Bandleader Cyril Stewart in 1965. He used it 30 years earlier.

- Spanish flamenco guitar bought from Don Strike of Westbourne Arcade in 1967.

- URSA MAJOR Echo unit used on the mixing of The Great Deceiver: KC Live 1973-74 (just re-released).

- Chapman stick bought c. 1987 which Trey Gunn used to see if this was his way forward.
Owned previously by John Glascock from Jethro Tull.

- 2x Takamine acoustics.

- Roland keyboard 1980 (used on Discipline).

- TC 2290s used since 1991 in the Lunar Module (Soundscapes, Sylvian & Fripp, KC) now replaced by the
Solar Voyager.

- Korg A2 multi fx unit

- Roland JC-120 2x12' belonged to Andy Summers and was used early 80's on Summers & Fripp.

- Roland JC-120 2x12' used on 80's KC, Fripp Fripp, SAOTW.

- 2x Roland GR-300 blue Synths (Summers & Fripp, 80's KC)

- Roland G-808 Synth Guitar serial # A805056, "GR" in headstock, natural finish, in heavy black flight case (Summers & Fripp, 80's KC).

- Roland G-808 Synth Guitar serial # 1804897, "RF" in headstock, black ebony finish, in heavy grey specked flight case (Summers & Fripp, 80's KC)

- Acoustic Ovation model 1677, blond top, in tan molded case.

Ovation-style roundback guitar, very fine, beautifully flamed top, in molded case, no makers mark, it has the round composite back, medium shallow, like the 1667.

- 2x Pete Cornish pedal boards used on all work 1970-1974 which were cannibalised for the Arny’s Shack rig of 1984.
RF writes:
Attached to one is the first volume pedal I used & my only effect with KC live in 1969 (in the studio, I used fuzz as well).
The volume pedal was fitted to the first Cornish pedalboard in 1970, along with fuzz & wah-wah. My contribution to the technology was to fit a by-pass switch for the effects when not in use: too much tone was lost going through pedals that were not in go mode.
On top of the other board is the Univibe given to me by pal Robin Trower in 1975

- Pedals: Big Muff (Russian), Pro Co The Rat, Fender Blender (vintage), Robotalk (envelope follower/filter), MXR Dynacomp & Dunlop Crybaby.